Damages of Having Single Testis

What is the Single Testis Problem?

In some cases, one of the testicles must be removed. Because of the presence of testicular cancer one of the testis is removed and single testis problem appears. In order to eliminate the negative effects of cancer on the body, one testis problem should be eliminated. The testis, which has to be removed for some reason, causes some problems. The removal of cancerous and damaged testicular prevents the formation of a single testicular problem. In physical terms for men having a testis instead of two causes some problems. Sometimes there are cases in which either the right or the left testis should be removed. Removal of both testicles can be experienced very rarely but possible.

Damages of Having Single Testis

Is That Possible to Have Single Testis at Birth?

For men, healthy testicles are extremely important. For the healthy functioning of the reproductive function, there are some problems in the case of having a single testicle. Thanks to testicular prosthesis a single testicular congenital problem can be eliminated. Having a single testicle is not the end of the world. Men who have fear of having any problems in masculinity functions have the question of whether there are any testicular damages. Even if a testis is removed, the other testis functions in a healthy way. There is no drawback to have a single testicular in terms of having a baby or having sexual intercourse.

What is the Problem of Having a Single Testicle in Men?

The single testis problem that can be seen in males is the fear of infertility. Even if the single testis can create some problems, but infertility is not the case. Because masculinity has the inherent sexual and reproductive ability, the single testis problem in males is the fearful dream. Psychological breakdowns are experienced due to the fact that masculinity refers to sexuality. This is similar to removing one of the kidneys. The other healthy kidney continues to work. As in the example of kidney, the functions continue in the same way in men. Thanks to prosthetic testes, the visual opening is easily closed. In this way, men can regain their confidence.

What Are Damages of Having Single Testicle?

The testes must be removed because of the diseases and tumors that can be experienced. If the number of testes decreases to one, psychological problems and thoughts appears for men. The first question asked about these troublesome situations is about the single testicular damages. Because the testis is considered equal to sexuality, there is a fear of slowing or infertility in sexual functions. Since it is considered as a symbol of masculinity, it is thought that there may be single testicular damages. It is possible to live with one testis until the end of life. Testicular prostheses that do not affect the reproduction in any way negatively help males. The removed testis is replaced by a prosthetic testis. By conducting tests and search, the prosthesis is implanted if it is appropriate for the patients. You can find more information at https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/