Does Orchiectomy Affect Sexuality

The Effects of Orchiectomy

Removal of testicles due to some health problems can lead to serious anxiety disorders and periods of intense angst in men. Testicular tumors are one of the most common conditions for general discomfort and removal of testis. The cancerous testis, which can be seen in all areas regardless of right or left testis, must be removed by surgery. Although patients think that there will serious damage to their reproductive organs after testicular tumor surgery, this is not the case. The absence of a single testis does not pose any obstacle in the reproductive canals. Removal of one testis does not prevent having a baby and patients can continue their daily lives in a short time after testicular surgery as well.

Does Orchiectomy Affect Sexuality

Orchiectomy in Terms of Sexuality

The question of whether removal of testicles affects sexuality may lead to some negative thought for patients who are about to undergo such operations or who have undergone surgery. Absence of testis does not affect sexuality negatively, regardless of whether it is the left or right testis.

The production of sperm after orchiectomy surgery continues normally in patients. If a single testis is removed in testicular tumor surgery, including tumor status, there is no negative effect in the case of reproduction or sexuality. One testis does not cause infertility. It is common for sexuality to continue as it was before the surgery.

Prosthesis Testes Self-Esteem Rescuer

Prostheses can be used to prevent any psychological differences after orchiectomy surgery. Prosthesis can be used easily even after testicular tumor surgery to replace the missing testis. It does not create any discomfort to the body. If testis is removed, in the size of the normal, measured and healthy testis which is filled with special liquid in silicone can be implanted.

It is not possible to implant prostheses for each patient. Generally, after the operation, a number of tests are applied and patients who are eligible after doctor control can be implanted. When the question whether removal of the testicles affect sexuality or not comes to mind, one of the first things to use or apply a visual prosthesis. Every patient who is approved by the doctor and passes the necessary tests without any problems can easily benefit from the application.

Situations After the Removal of Two Testes

Another situation that outweighs the idea that taking both existing testicles affects sexuality is infertility. Such conditions are frequently encountered after testicular tumor surgery. The absence of testes after the removal of both testes during the operation brings together the inability to have a baby and infertility.

It is important to be careful before and after orchiectomy surgery. When such problems occur, avoiding the operation may cause serious problems affecting sexuality over time. For more detailed information, please visit  and get more detailed information.