The testicles are the two small organs that are held in the lower part of the reproductive organs in men by being wrapped with skin on the outside of the body. It is the only organ that develops outside the body and in some cases the testicles have to be removed. This is usually valid for men aged 15 to 35 years. When it comes to progressive stages testicular tumor or cancer, which is less common than other cancers, can be removed. In order to prevent these conditions, the patient should be aware of the disease carefully and the early diagnosis and treatment of the disease can eliminate the necessity of removing testicles. In this case, men have to be careful. It is necessary to learn how to have symptoms for this disease, which does not reveal itself very easily.


Testicular Tumor Symptoms and Orchiectomy

The testicular tumor is a subtly progressing type of cancer. There is a risk of death for every cancer type, but the progress of some cancers and treatment processes reduce the risk of death more easily. Testicular tumor is one of these cancer types and can be completely cleaned after removal of the testis.

First of all, during or after the bath when a person touches his testicles and feels pain with swelling and a hardness, he must go to the doctor immediately because early diagnosis can prevent orchiectomy. For this reason, the symptoms of the disease should be well known. Significant symptoms of testicular cancer are almost negligible. People suffering from this disease have hardness and bulk sensation in their testicles. These are the most common symptoms. As soon as any of these symptoms is noticed, the patient must go directly to the hospital.

Treatment of Testicular Tumor and Removal Both of Them

After the cancer is diagnosed, the stage of testicular cancer is determined. In this way, it is decided which treatment method will be applied. If there is no progress in the patient who has been treated after definitive diagnosis and if the bulk enlarges, removal of two testicles can be applied by surgical method. In some cases, when the disease is eliminated by removing one testis, in some cases the two testis are removed especially if the cancer cells are noticed on the other testis

What Kind of Problems Does the Patient Experience After Removal of Two Testes?

Removing one testis does not cause any major problems in the patient. Since the arrival of sperm is not prevented, if the patient wants to have a baby having only one testicle does not create a problem. It also has no direct effect on a person’s sexual life. However, in this case, which may cause psychological effects in the patient, the patient may feel himself inadequate and reflect this situation to his sexual life. When the disease progresses, two testicles are removed by surgical method. In this case, the level of negative psychological effects increases. In this case a testis prosthesis is recommended. The prosthesis testes do not affect the reproductive organs and the prosthesis does not prevent having a baby. In this way, inadequacy feeling is fulfilled and the patient continues to live. For more information, please visit https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/