Prosthesis Testis Prices

Cheap Prosthesis Testis Prices

The testicles in men are on the lower part of the penis and are in the form of an egg. Sometimes a man does not have testicles at birth. Then, for some reason, testicular loss may occur. In this case, with the choice of prosthetic testis prices for the testes, special implant studies constitute the psychological satisfaction of the patient. Testicular implant application is used in the treatment of the patient with the choice of prosthesis testis prices in cases such as congenital undescended testes, removal of testicles due to prostate cancer, traumas in testes, testicular torsion which is the second most common and testicular tumor which is the third most common. Implants used in this treatment do not have hormonal properties of normal testes. This application, which has cosmetic properties and is preferred in prosthetic testicle prices category, makes patient himself feel comfortable in the sexual life. This has been observed in many treatments. Effective and successful results have been obtained.

Prosthesis Testis Prices

Refillable Prosthesis Used in Testicular Implant Surgery

In this operation, when the patient does not like the testicular prosthesis, a new testis prosthesis is applied. Filling with the property of seline, also known as serum testis, for the patient at the time of the testis prosthesis surgery, has the ability to be filled by the surgeon. In patients with undescended testes or testicular torsion, testicular prosthesis surgery is performed. In this operation performed according to the patient’s request, small, medium or large types are used. This implant, made of silicone elastomeric shell, has a thickness of 0.035 inches. Because of filling characteristics, the testicular prosthesis is filled with physio- logical serum at the time of surgery. It is an appropriate choice for testicular problems in children. In addition, histological studies and immunophenotypic studies continue in the study of tissue studies.

Another Prosthesis Used in Male Ovariectomy

These prostheses are made of silicone based elastomer. These prostheses are close to the actual penis stiffness and are easy to adapt. There are small, medium and large sizes of the ovariectomy in the male. These lengths are also applied in the category of male ovaries according to the patient’s wishes. The testicles, which are produced as small, have a height of 31 mm and 23 mm in width. Varieties with a medium size in the category of testicular prosthesis have a height of 37 mm and width of 28 mm. Finally, testicular prostheses, known as large, have a height of 42 mm and a width of 32 mm. For these testicular prostheses, which are used in this man’s ovariectomy procedure, tissue reaction studies are ongoing.

Watch a Testis Surgery, Technical Features and Treatment Methods

Technical preference is made according to the experience of the specialist physician. Skilled technical or inguinal technique may be preferred according to the preference of the specialist physician. In the category of follow-up of the testicular surgery, in the infected testicles or in the infected area in any part of the patient’s body, the serum technique is not used. In this case, testicular application of natural hardness is not recommended. As seen in the follow-up surgery test category, you can consult for the best choice with the physicians who are experts in this field. With the advice of specialist physician, you can choose the most accurate choice, as seen in the videos of the operation, removal the testis, the operation will be successful in the long run. When there are no problems after the operation, you may be discharged on the same day. Time to return to daily life is 1 week. Visit