Prosthesis Testis

Implanted Prosthesis Testis due to Testicular Cancer

There are two small testicles in a healthy man. These testicles are surrounded by a skin for protection. Testes that are the only organ that develops outside of the body develops outside of the body due to the fact that the heat required for its development is outside the body. In the case of cancer in the testes, patients are referred to have a prosthetic testis. Sexual life disorder, which is manifested by psychological effects, necessitates the application of this treatment method. Patients can recognize this situation in simple ways. Symptoms of the disease are not also very noticeable but manual control can reveal the disease and the testicles are removed if it is too late for treatment. In this case, the patient is convinced to be implanted a prosthesis testis to get rid of the psychological influences. Before this treatment, there are also other treatments applied.

Prosthesis Testis

Testicular Tumor Symptoms and Prosthesis Testis Surgery

In general, testicular cancer in young people cannot be noticed in the early stages as they progress insidiously. In this case, because the disease progresses, the testes are removed and the patient undergoes prosthetic testis surgery. In order to prevent the disease from coming to this stage, especially men between the ages of 15-35 should check his testicles 1 times per month in particular. Generally, the conditions such as swelling and stiffness that are noticed during bathing should be taken into consideration. It should not be neglected when pain is added to these symptoms. With the help of early diagnosis and treatment accordingly there is no need to perform prosthetic testis surgery. Testicular cancer is much lighter than other types of cancer. For this reason, it is important to be noticed and start treatment in the first phase of the disease.

Experiences after Prosthesis Testis Surgery

People who deal with testicular cancer are first treated with medication. Then, chemotherapy is applied to ensure that the disease ends completely. However, according to the stage of the disease, sometimes applied treatments do not benefit and sometimes one and sometimes two of the testicles are removed. In such cases, prosthesis testis is implanted because the patient will be depressed as both sexual and social life. In this process, the prosthesis testis implanted to the patient is determined depending on the structure and size of the prosthesis. Especially after testicular prosthesis surgery, the patient is recovering psychologically and his self-confidence comes back. The application of the surgery varies according to the person.

Benefits of Prosthesis Testis

When a positive response is not received from all the treatments applied, the disease is completely eliminated by removing the testicles of the patient. However, in this case, a gap will occur in the patient so prosthesis testis surgery is applied and the patient’s psychology and self-confidence is ensured. This procedure does not affect the growth of the patient and all patients can have children if they wish. The testicular prosthesis implanted into the patients is applied only to satisfy the patient physically and visually. Thanks to this treatment, which does not have any side effects, sexual life of the person turns into normal. For more information, please visit