Removal of one Testicular

Why is it Necessary to Remove a Single Testicle?

Although it is generally seen in males between the ages of 15 and 35 years, it can be diagnosed in younger children and older patients over 65. Due to testicular tumor or cancer it may be necessary to remove a single testicle. Testicular cancer can be caused by genetic effects, but also by anatomical effects. In this case, although some therapies are applied, testicular cancer treatment is usually performed by removing one testicle. The cancer-causing bulk or tumor can be completely removed from the testis and the other organs are prevented from spreading. After the procedure, the question that causes one testis is answered. Cancer disease is usually treated with severe effects and treatments, regardless of which organ it appears in, and sometimes treatment is not possible. Because of questions like this, fears and delaying treatment may cause progress in testicular cancer.

Removal of one Testicular

What is the Reason of Having Single Testis and What Are Its Effects?

Generally, in testicular cancer caused by genetic effects, a bulk appears in the cells of the testis. This bulks are usually manifested by swelling, pain and stiffness. Because of these, operations determine the effects of having single testis. The bulk that the patient noticed with the classical touch during or after bathing is examined by doctors and sent to a pathology by taking a piece. In this case, the patient can be informed about the operation and after the surgery if he has a single testis and details are explained to the patient. According to the pathology results, the stages of the disease are determined and the treatment process is decided according to the stage of the disease. Generally, one of the testicles or very rarely both of them is removed in this type of cancer. This does not have any physical effects on the patient.

Treatment and Causes of Single Testis

Generally, testicular cancer is diagnosed the lowest 15 years of age and the highest 35 years of age. Its rate of incidence is low and the possibility of death is also low. The ones who are diagnosed with this cancer type are afraid of treatment because of their fears such as having one testis. However, this treatment, which is the most effective treatment method, does not cause any adverse reactions. The only effect of this condition is the psychological depression that occurs in the patient after one testis treatment. In addition, the patient does not have a physical problem.

Single Testis Treatment after Testicular Cancer

Although the rate of occurrence of this disease is very low, it is generally necessary to take testicles when it appears. With the single testicle treatment to be applied, no harm to the reproductive characteristics of the patient appears and the sexual life of the person is not affected. Prosthesis testis treatment is generally recommended because the patient will have a physical and visual deficiency. Prosthesis testis is a silicone shaped testis which has a round testicle appearance and it looks like breast silicone. Since it is implanted in the testis with special adhesives, it does not displace under any condition. If you would like more information, please visit