Risks After Undescended Testis Surgery

What are the Symptoms of Undescended Testis?

The problem of undescended testis is understood by physical examinations. Diagnosis can be made as a result of examinations performed by specialized urologists. As a result of the investigations, those who have undescended testis symptoms should seek medical advice. If the testes are not present in babies’ bags or if only one testis is present, this is among the symptoms of undescended testis. It is understood that there are signs of undescended testis due to physical examinations performed very carefully. The descent of the testes into the bag should be realized during the pregnancy period. In some cases, the descent can continue after birth. Parents should be careful and sensitive about this issue. When confronted with a suspicious situation, they should take their children to the urology doctors for physical examination.

Risks After Undescended Testis Surgery

How to Treat Undescended Testis?

It is possible for children with undescended testis to be treated. When the infants come to the 6-month period, the treatment process should be initiated. It is expected that the baby will be 6 months old for the treatment of undescended testis unless there is an emergency. It is important that babies are given this treatment until the age of 1 year. If the treatment is delayed and retarded after one year, the immediate treatment process should be initiated. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important for the absence of structural defects. Locating the testis is the first step in the treatment of undescended testis. Blood tests and radiological tests are performed to check whether the testicle is in place. Between 6 months and 1-year-old, surgery is appropriate.

How Do the Undescended Testis Patients Last Their Life?

Many male babies are among those who have undergone undescended testicular surgery. The operation is very important and should be done by urology doctors who have specialized in their field. Those with undescended testicle surgery are more fortunate in order not to decrease their reproductive function. Those who have an undescended testicle and who do not have surgery will certainly suffer in older ages. Infertility problem is among the most common problems. Those who have undescended testicular surgery are more fortunate to have children. For this reason, the quality of life of the patients who have undergone surgery is the same with the normal individuals.

Is There Any Risks After Undescended Testis Surgery?

With the help of doctors who have been trained to ensure safe operation of infants and children, there is no risks after undescended testicular surgery. Anesthesia is not a major risk for children and babies. Pre-operative controls and examinations revealed that the risks of undescended testicular surgery are slight or are reduced to the slightest. Operation is inevitable when the testicles cannot be detected even by ultra-sonographic examinations. There is no condition of hospitalization of babies after surgery. Babies discharged on the same day do not face any risks after undescended testicular surgery. After surgery, patients are expected to continue their normal life after being kept under observation for one or two hours. Comprehensive information is available at https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/