Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis

Saline Testicular Prosthesis Testicular Implant

Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis

Treatment: Monorchism, Congenital Anorchism, Cryptorchidism, Orchiectomy, Other conditions or procedures

Saline – Filled Testicular Prosthesis is designed with high quality silicone to experience natural feeling for the patients.

Saline – Filled Testicular Prosthesis is being used for missing one or two testicles due to monorchism, orchiectomy, congenital anorchism or similar procedures.

  • Natural Design
  • High Patient Satisfaction
  • Size Options

Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis aids the restoration of natural appearance for the people who are missing one or both testicles.

Natural&Soft Texture and shape designed for natural testicle feeling.

A (Length)B (Diameter)Volume
2.7 cm2.1 cm6 cc
3.2 cm2.6 cm12 cc
4.1 cm2.9 cm18 cc
4.7 cm3.2 cm22 cc
5.1 cm3.2 cm26 cc