Single Ovum in Males

Single Ovum in Males

Each man has 2 testes or ovum as called in public. These testes perform many important functions for masculinity. First of all, it causes male reproduction and sexual intercourse. Although every man comes to the world with 2 testes, some of the testes can sometimes be removed because of some problems in these testes. Faced with such a situation, men experience short-term shock and do not know what to do. In our country, the single testis problem in men in the last 10 years has showed a significant increase. The main reason for this is the spread of testicular cancer. Because of testicular cancer, one ovum can be removed in men. In these men, one testis can cause serious psychological problems.

Single Ovum in Males

Single Testis Damages

As called among the people the balls are the symbol of men’s masculinity. Thanks to these, men have the ability to reproduce. Sometime removal of a single ball causes some questions like “Am I infertile? Won’t I ever have a kid again? What should I do now?”. First and foremost, the single testis damages are psychological. This is the first thing men have to overcome in such a situation. Contrary to the thought, there is no infertility among single ball damages. Every man can face testicular cancer. In such a case, there is a very low probability of infertility. Because the other testis tries to fulfill the task of the missing ball. For this reason, one should not be prejudiced about the single ball damage.

Does Single Testicle Cause Infertility?

Infertility is among the fearful dreams of every man. Since the early days of history, men have always been interested in breeding and multiplying. This means that reproduction is of vital importance for them. As a result, questions such as whether single testicle causes infertility are frequently asked. When the men lose their single testicles, their wives start to think about if the only testicle will cause infertility. According to scientific research, the only testis is not a reason for infertility. The other testis fulfills the tasks that must be done by the missing testicle. This does not cause any infertility problem.

Is One Testis Enough?

Sexual functions are vital for men. Men who lose one testicle are wondering whether one testicle is enough to fulfill their sexual functions. Having one testis doesn’t affect sexual life too much. You can substitute your sexual life as before. What is important here is that males are ready to be psychologically self-confident, rather than questioning whether one testicle is enough. As with all of your vital functions, it is possible to answer yes to the question of whether one testis is enough for your sexual functions.

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