Single Testicle

Single Testicle

Testes are the most important part of male reproductive organs. Testis are the male version of the ovaries in women and they can be defined as the ovum in males. By birth, each male has 2 ovaries. Having single testicle by birth is very rare situation. People may then lose one of their testicles. This is called a single testicular removal operation. In severe diseases such as cancer, organ removal is extremely common. The same is true for testes. Individuals with testicular cancer and advanced discomfort can only undergo a single testicular surgery. This depends on the doctor’s ideas, but many of these diseases, such as cancer, end with a single testicular removal surgery. In this case, it is stated by the doctors that the person will not suffer any loss of function. The single-testicle problem as a result of testicular removal surgery is not effective on the sexual life of a person and it does not prevent having a baby. There are many people who have one testis and a father. Cleaning the cancerous part and removing one of the testicles will help the person to recover. Therefore, it should not be neglected and having the single testis should not be exaggerated.

Single Testicle

Does Removal of Single Testes Affect Sexual Life?

Sexual life and order are extremely important for every man. Most men who have testicular cancer and who are ready for surgery think that the operation of removal a single testis will have a negative effect on sexuality and they will never be the same. This idea is extremely wrong and the reason of this wrong idea and acceptance among people is again a wrong idea that the testis is associated with reproduction. The testes are of course linked to reproduction, but the loss of either one will certainly not affect sexual performance. This is no different from kidney transplant surgery. Therefore, it can be said that the operation of single ovarian surgery will not affect sexual performance and order. In order for this to affect sexuality, one must be uncomfortable with the psychological situation of himself. In some cases, this discomfort may remove the person from sexuality. In this case, the most recommended treatment method is testicular prosthesis.

Do Men with One Testicle Have Children?

Another question about this operation is the question of whether a man with one testicle can have a baby. Well, do men with one testicle have children? The answer to this question will be the same, wherever it is investigated. One testis surgery has absolutely no effect on having children. The removal of one of these two organs, namely one ovary, will only reduce the amount of sperm produced. Therefore, there is no such situation as not having children. There are many men who have undergone such a single ovarian surgery and later became a father. For this reason, such points should be ignored immediately and the patient should be comfortable in the psychological sense. Because the single testicular surgery on men will make the biggest harm to psychology disorders and self-inadequacy of the patient.

The Use and Advantages of Single-Testis Prosthesis

If the person has the above mentioned psychological problems and no solution can be found, the best thing to do is to buy a testicular prosthesis. These prostheses will make the person feel more comfortable and create 2 testes in appearance. There are many men who feel self-confident thanks to these prostheses. You can visit for a single testicular prosthesis and many more questions and get more detailed information.