Single Testis

Single Testis

There are exactly 2 testicles in male genitalia. These testes are responsible for ensuring that the person has a child by producing sperm. However, in some cases, the number of testes may decrease.

What is Single Testis?

The single testis condition caused by testicular surgery is the concern and causes nervousness for men. At this point, the single testicle condition will not have any obvious harm or effect. As long as the person does not bore, he will continue his life in the same way. The only testicular condition that has no effect on children is caused by problems such as cancer and the person lives with a single testicle during his life. At this point, if the person feels very badly, there is the possibility to implant a testicular prosthesis on. Although this type of prosthesis is not effective in reproduction, it will make you feel better in psychological terms.

Single Testis

Is it Harmful to Have a Single Testicle?

Having a single testicle is not as harmful as it seems. The most worrisome of the people who will get one of their testicles removed is the damages of having a single testicle. But there is no obvious damage having single testis. The single testicular condition that has no effect on child-making or sexual life is more harmless than estimated. At this point, the damages of having single testicle will be only psychologically. The person feels psychologically incomplete and this is reflected directly in his sexual life. There is no difference in single testicular status from single kidney condition. Even if the organ has fallen into one, it will not lose its function and one testis will suffice.

One of the most curious questions is whether the single testis affects sexuality. So, does one testis affect sexuality? One testicle will have no effect on sexuality and sexual performance. Even if sperm production decreases, production will continue from one testis and no infertility will occur. At this point, the only answer to the question of whether the single testis affects sexuality is that it is related to the psychology of the person. If the person feels psychologically insufficient, problems such as sexual reluctance and sexual cooling will arise. Therefore, it should not be considered in this way and should continue life as it left off.

The only question in the mind of people who have one testis or who will have an orchiectomy surgery is the question of whether they can have a baby as a single ovum man. Well, does a man who has single testis have a baby? Having one testis has no effect on having a child. Thoughts as no more having a child after the testicular surgery are completely wrong. These ideas, which are common among the people, affect the patients psychologically. But in men with one testis, they can have as many children as the others. In the light of this information, the question of whether a single ovum man would have a child would be answered. For detailed information about the single testis status please visit