Single Testis Military Service

Single Testis Military Service

Testicular cancer, which is likely to occur in many men, is more common in people aged 15 to 35 years. One of the most important issues that these people focus on is the issue of having single testes is an obstacle for military service. Because testicular cancer is usually seen in a single testis. Testicular cancer can occur due to anatomical defects as well as genetic reasons. Therefore, all questions about single testis men are being investigated to find a solution. The point caused by the disease is important for treatment. Because the disease can occur at a young age in general, it is very important and all questions about single testis men should be answered with a doctor. Although the disease is seen at a young age or is serious, it is possible to treat it. Therefore, the mortality rate of this cancer is low.

Single Testis Military Service

All Questions about Men with Single Testicle and Causes of Disease

Testicular cancer is an insidious disease in terms of symptoms. In general, the question of what happens if a single testis is removed in a single testis cancer is important for patients. The success rate of treatment is high compared to other types of cancer. Since the occurrence in young ages usually coincides with reproductive time or coincides with the periods of full military service so military service is an important issue that concerns patients. An important point for this disease is the early diagnosis and the causes of the disease. One of the testes is higher than normal and this case requires a single testicular surgery. This is generally the general cause of cancer occurring at an early age. Whether having a single testis is the obstacle for military service is determined by the progression of the disease. Treatment success rate is very high with early diagnosis.

Single Testicular Cancer and What Happens if a Single Testis is Removed?

Early detection increases treatment rates in testicular cancers. The intervention of the disease from the progressive cancerous area reduces the risk of death, but sometimes it should be explained to the patient in detail what happens if the single testicle is removed and the major effects can be applied. One of the testicles is removed by surgical intervention to clean the cancerous area completely from cancer. Testicular cancer may be on the right or on the left. It is very rare that both testis is cancerous and have to be removed. In general, a single testicular surgery is performed and cancerous testes is removed. Some problems can occur after this surgery.

Single Testicular Surgery and Problems

Psychological effects occur especially after the operation in patient. Having single testicles does not affect your sexual life or whether you will have a baby or not. There is no effect like infertility. This situation causes a psychological depression for patient. These psychological problems can affect sexual life. If one testis is removed, the other one performs the task. If the sperm production continues, this operation has no effect. For detailed information, please visit