Single Testis

Single Testis

Testicular cancer is the most common cause for a single testis state. This serious discomfort may require removing one or two of the testicles. The most common, however, is the removal of single testis. At this point, the person’s reproduction and sexual life will continue from where it left off. The removal of both of the ovaries will completely eliminate the possibility of having a baby. However, surgeries usually end with single testis removal. The testicle removal surgery will vary according to the patient’s condition. In some cases, the left ovary of the patient is damaged and in some cases the right ovary is problematic. This is entirely dependent on the patient’s problem, but it will not make a difference. The single testis situation that occurs after such surgeries is a concern for many people. Only one ovum left in the person will not make a big change. Only sperm production will decrease, but a health problem such as infertility will not be seen. In addition, no sexual health problems are expected.

Single Testis

What is Single Testis?

The most curious question of people who are going to have testicular cancer surgery is the question of what is the only testis. So, what exactly is a single testicle? A single testicle is the case that a person has only one testis. At this point, having single testis makes the person psychologically weary and feeling inadequate in sexual sense. The only problem that can be experienced after testicular surgery is the pain and psychological problems. The pain that the person will experience after surgery is as much as in every surgery. But having single testis will mostly affect psychology. In this case it will change from person to person. Some people don’t care to have a single testicle, while others will wear a lot. It is very wrong that a person feels deficiency in himself or defines this condition as an inadequacy. A single testicular condition will not have an effect on one’s sexuality or other condition.

Can You Become a Father with Single Testis?

One of the most investigated subjects for testicular surgery is the question of whether a person can be a father with single testis. Well, is it possible to be a father with single testis? The single testicle condition will have no effect on having a baby. Even if sperm production decreases, it will be enough for one ovary. At this point, having one testis will not have any effect. The person must have taken both his testicles in order to be infertile or have no children. In these cases, there is no possibility to have a baby. However, testicular cancer operations usually concentrate on a testis and only one testis is removed.

Single Testis and Prosthesis

Testicular prosthesis is the most common method recommended for people experiencing psychological wear about having single testis. This prosthesis relieves the person spiritually and makes him feel more self-confident. The prosthesis is similar to other prostheses. Generally, these prostheses made of silicone will only affect the appearance and there will be no difference in sperm count. For more detailed information, please visit