Testicular Prosthesis Price

Testicular Prosthesis Price

Most men experience testicular problems. Especially people who have pain in their testicles are afraid of this situation. There are two small organs in the testes and the absence of one or both of them is called as vanishing testis syndrome or undescended testis. Undescended testes are usually recognized after birth. Although this situation does not cause serious problems in the person, the psychological effect of the patient is vanishing with the effect of testicular syndrome. People who experience this state think that this creates a deficiency in themselves, and they can be absorbed by reflecting this on their sexual life. Therefore, people who have vanishing testis syndrome should investigate the treatment methods developed for this disease. In this case, embarrassment may occur in patients and also they can be nervous. However, this condition can be treated with testicular prosthesis.

Testicular Prosthesis Price

Testicular Problem and Testis Prosthesis Surgery Prices

Problems occurring at birth or later in their testicles may cause serious conditions for men. Therefore, those who think surgery will be involved in a serious investigation about the prices of testicular prosthesis surgery. Testicular implants provide patient satisfaction with cosmetic advantages. For this reason, the type of testicular prosthesis to be used in the surgery is indicative for the prices of testicular prosthesis surgery. Prices vary according to the type and size of the prosthesis to be implanted. Although the testis implant is a determinant of the price of the testis prosthesis, it is applied only to provide cosmetic appearance and does not perform a natural testis function. The patients are given this detail at the very beginning.

How is the Price Determined?

The most important reason for the application of testicular prosthesis is that the testicles do not develop congenitally and do not descend into the testicles vesical pathologically. In this case, the type and size of the prosthesis applied for the testis prosthesis is indicative. Removal one of the testicles is the second most common surgery. Testicular tumor is the third and finally prostate cancer is the fourth most common testicular problem and silicone testis prosthesis price determination is completely dependent on the type of prosthesis. Every prosthesis cannot be applied to each patient. Prosthesis is implanted to patients who are cosmetically disturbed, especially because their psychological condition is impaired. If the prosthesis application is not liked, new prosthesis application is performed safely. The silicone testicle prosthesis, which is frequently used in prosthetic testes, depends entirely on the type of prosthesis. There are different testis models applied in silicone testis.

Silicone Testis Application and Silicone Testis Prosthesis Price

The implant consists of a mold silicone with an average thickness of 0.035 inches and elastomer shell. Serum can be filled immediately with physiological during operation. This prosthesis is available in small, large and medium models. It is seen as the best choice for children with testicular torsion and undescended testis problem. Silicone prostheses are very similar to the structure of the testis and low hardness implants. For this reason, silicone testis prosthesis prices are considered in terms of types. Small silicone prosthesis is 23 mm in width, medium prosthesis is 28 mm and large ones are 32 mm. Very successful operations are performed after the price determined according to this width and model. For more information, please visit https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/