Testicular Prosthesis

Testicular Prosthesis

Due to some hormonal causes and genetic effects, some bulks can occur in some men’s testicles. In this case, you should see a doctor for direct diagnosis and treatment procedures. By taking into consideration that the possibility these bulks can be cancerous, it is important to take measure because of the risk of testicular cancer recurrence, especially for those who previously had cancer. This disease, which is seen in only a few of men, is lighter than other serious cancers. There is a risk of testicular cancer recurrence if you had this cancer before but both the effect and the progression of this disease progress slowly. This disease, which does not show any obvious symptoms, can be noticed by the person touching his testicles. In particular, people who have already had this disease should be more cautious than the other patients because testicular cancer carries a risk of recurrence. If the patient already knows any of these symptoms, he should take this very seriously and see a doctor immediately.

Testicular Prosthesis

Testicular Cancer and Testicular Prosthesis

Testicular cancer characterized by swelling and pain in the testis, is a disease occurring in many different stages. Different methods are used in the treatment of this cancer which can be recognized in different stages of each person according to the stages. Some people receive drug treatment, while others take chemotherapy and testicular prosthesis treatment in those who have testicular removal surgery. The duration of this cancer in patients varies according to the type of cancer. In this case, one or both testicles of the patient can be removed when there are no other methods that can be applied because different methods are applied in each cancer type. In this case, prosthesis testis treatment is recommended to the patient. Having single testicle or removal both testes does not directly affect the sexual life and reproduction of the patient. The patient’s sexual life is affected if the patient feels himself inadequate and reflects this feeling to his sexual life.

Testis Prosthesis Treatment and Testis Prosthesis Damages

Because of the progression of the cancer testes can be removed and the patient can have major traumas. In this case, the testis prosthesis damages are the most important question for patients. Although there is no effect of testis removal on the patient, there is no testicular damage of the prosthesis which is implanted for only psychological reasons. This treatment does not affect the reproductive organ of the patient in any way. Patients who feels incomplete visually want to have a testicular prosthesis.

Testis Prosthesis Types and is There any Damage of this Prosthesis?

The testis prosthesis is implanted only due to the visual deficiencies. The type of testis prosthesis to be implanted can vary depending on the patient’s structure and size. The most normal testicular prosthesis determined by the doctor is implanted to the patient. The most important benefit of the testicular prosthesis is the positive effects on the psychology of the person and the increase in self-confidence. This self-confidence increases especially when the patient experiences sexuality. Instead of the testis which is removed in the orchiectomy surgery, prosthesis is inserted into the testicle vesical. This operation has been implemented for many years and has been successful and has no harm. Since the prosthesis is placed with special fluids, there is no problem of getting out. For detailed information please visit https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/ contact address.