Testicular Tumor Surgery

In Which Cases One of the Testis is Removed?

Two small oval organs located in the lower part of the penis and in a skin pocket called scrotum are called testis. These two organs are part of the male reproductive system and in some cases one of the testicles may need to be removed. The testes produce the sperm that allow the formation of children after puberty, and the secretion of testosterone. The tumor or cancer in the testes occurs in t case of a bulk in one of the ovum in the vesical. In general, the prevalence rate in the whole population is 2 – 3 per 100 thousand people. It constitutes 1 -% 2 % of cancer in men. The incidence of this tumor can be reduced to 15 years old patients and one of the testicles must be removed when the treatment begins late. Very rarely but this disease is diagnosed in 0 – 10 years and after 65 years of age.

How Long does Orchiectomy Surgery Take?

The testicular tumor, the cancer cells in the ovum grow very rapidly. This situation, which turns into an advantage in treatment, increases the sensitivity of testicular cancer treatment. It is very easy to treat this disease, which is recognized by early diagnosis. If it is unnoticeable and treatment is delayed, it requires surgery especially after spreading to other organs, and how many hours the testicular tumor operation lasts depends on the stage of the disease. In the early stages of the disease, short-term treatments and surgeries can eliminate the disease but it is unknown how many hours the orchiectomy surgery lasts if the cancer spreads to other organs. Because these operations are more severe.

Testicular Tumor Surgery

Testicular Tumor Surgery and Its Effects

Testicular tumor surgery, which has become more serious and has more negative effects by spreading the disease to other organs may affect the sexual life of the patient and may have effects in having a baby in natural way. Therefore, men should regularly check their testicles. In particular, people who have survived this disease should be more cautious about the risk of testicular cancer recurrence. After the diagnosis of the patient and the stage of the disease is determined, the treatment process is explained to the patient. If the treatment started with the removal of the whole cancer ovum does not respond positively, the tumor is removed from the testis and sent to the pathology. In order not to struggle with the question whether cancer comes back or not chemotherapy and radiotherapy is applied. Positive results are generally taken.

Testicular Tumor Surgery and Its Effect on Sexual Life

In general, this cancer occurring in young people leads to a psychological effect in men after the removal of the ovum. For this reason, penis prosthesis implantation process is applied to prevent negative effects on sexual life. As in the breast prosthesis, it is ensured that the person does not feel bad with the prosthesis. The removal of the testicles, i.e. the ovum does not affect the sexual life of the patient and does not cause infertility. There is no need to experience the fear of testicular cancer after a good treatment. After an average of two days from the testicular tumor surgery, the patient is able to go on his daily life. For more information, please visit https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/