Testicular Tumor Survival Time

Testicular Tumor Survival Time

Generally, testicular cancer is diagnosed in men between 15 and 35 years but the frequency of the cancer varies due to genetic factors and anatomical factors. Tester-varying testicular tumor staging times vary from person to person. Testicular tumors appear due to some dietary habits and continuous exposure to radiation, the disease is treated with a testicular tumor staging system. Testicular tumors occur generally at a young age. Therefore, testicular tumor staging system should be taken more seriously ranging from 15 to 35 years of age. Because these ages are the age at which reproductive hormones begin to develop. Early diagnosis has a vital importance prevent further problems.

Testicular Tumor Survival Time

How Long is the Testicular Tumor Survival Time?

Testicular cancer or tumor that occurs as a result of certain reasons in each period is the bulk that occurs in millions of cells in testes. The life expectancy of testicular tumor varies according to the individual. This disease usually occurs on the testis on one side. This disease is an insidious disease and progresses very slowly without being self-evident. It varied according to age and person. This type of cancer is much easier to treat than other cancers and the success rate is higher than in other cancers. Early detection of the disease is important for treating successfully so the question how the testicular tumor is recognized is important for all men to know. If a patient understands these symptoms, he can immediately realize the condition and proceed to the treatment stage.

How is Testicular Tumor Recognized and What are the Symptoms?

Testicular tumor is a type of cancer that does not show much symptoms and progresses insidiously. Its progress is slow as well. For this reason, testicular tumor can be recognized if a bulk is seen in the testicles during and after bathing. The bulk and swelling of the testes are the first sign of the disease. In addition, the pain in the testicles can be considered as a symptom, and is an important point for the quality of sexual life after the testicular tumor surgery. The persistence of pain affects sexual life. Another pain is pain in the lower abdomen, which is one of the symptoms of cancer. The latest symptoms of testicular cancer are understood with problems in the lung and respiratory systems. People who have at least one of these symptoms must see a doctor for a preventive purpose.

Testicular Tumor Surgery and Sexual Life After Testicular Tumor Surgery

After the definitive diagnosis of the disease is made, the stage of the disease is determined. Surgical intervention may not be necessary for the disease if it is diagnosed at the beginning. However, in the advanced stages, the tumor is removed completely with the cancerous testis by orchiectomy surgery to remove the tumor. Therefore, testicular tumor surgery may cause adverse conditions for sexual life after surgery. Removal of the testicle does not cause the loss of reproduction. In other words, a patient can have a baby with one testis if his sperm comes. However, if a person feels himself psychologically incomplete his sexual life will be adversely affected. For detailed information, please visit https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/