Testicular Tumor Symptoms

Testicular Tumor Symptoms

One of the biggest problems in men related to Testicular Tumor Symptoms is the problems experienced by men having single testis. The testes are two small organs in the shape of oval, which are in the skin pocket called scrotum in male body and hang in the lower part of the penis. The testicles, which are part of the male reproductive system, have been responsible for the production of sperm that produce the child after puberty and the secretion of testosterone. Testicular cancer or testicular tumor, is usually seen in men with one testicle, and characterized by the presence of any bulk in one of the testes in scrotum of men. The incidence of these tumors is very low. In general, this disease experienced by men with single testis occurs at a young age. After the occurrence of this cancer, growth in the body is very fast.

Testicular Tumor Symptoms

What are the Causes of Testicular Tumor?

In men, the testicular tumor or ovarian cancer can occur due to different reasons. The most common testicular tumor causes are genetic factors. Apart from this factor, testicular cancer is associated with undescended testis. In other words, after the birth, the ovum is placed in vesical instead of the groin canal or the abdomen. This is one of the causes of testicular tumor. Because the incidence of testicular tumors in people with this condition is higher than that of men with normal ovum. Some of the other factors that may cause this disease include mumps, ovum inflammation, carcinogenic substances, and blows to the ovum. What are the most important testicular tumor symptoms in this disease, and how can they be understood? In this way, the disease can be treated in a short time with the possibility of early diagnosis.

What are the Symptoms of Testicular Tumor and How is this Disease Recognized?

Answer to the question “what are the symptoms of testicular tumors?” which can affect every man even if it is rare and can occur in any age going down to 30, is important in terms of the recognition of the disease. In this sense, the first symptom is the painless bulk in the male ovary. This is noticed when the person is having a bath with hot water or by hand after the bath. The bulks causing pain in the testes are caused by inflammation and are not considered among the symptoms of testicular tumors. The person should be suspicious for the testicular tumor if he discovers that there are hard bulks felt by hands. Since early diagnosis is important in this disease, it is recommended that each man should check his ovaries once a month for signs of testicular tumor after adolescence. Generally, symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss and loss of appetite are observed.

Testicular Tumor Symptoms and Early Diagnosis Treatment

If this disease is diagnosed early, the results are also positive for the patient. Therefore, the disease, which the patient will notice with the symptoms of testicular tumor, is treated by the removal of the whole cancerous ovum. With the surgical method, the cancer that is limited to the testis is sent to pathology and the disease is diagnosed precisely. After that treatment process begins. For more information, please visit https://www.testicularprosthesis.net/contact/