How Can We Understand the Undescended Testis

How Can We Understand the Undescended Testis?

With the development of the infants who starts to grow up in the mother’s womb, the tissues that will become testes are seen in the lower part of the kidneys. It is important to understand how undescended testis is especially important for early treatment. As the baby develops in the womb, the testicles are moving towards the bag that will be placed through the groin canal as they develop and grow. This progress continues throughout the pregnancy period. On the days when the birth is approached, the two testicles are placed in the bag. Undescended testis from these testicles is a condition that mothers may notice firstly. The reason why the testicles that occur in the mother’s womb then descends into the bag is that they can provide the functions they perform in places lower than the body temperature. How the undescended testicle is understood and causes the failure to complete the descent in a single testis or both testes is important in the process of treatment. Although this condition is more common in preterm births, it is seen in the births occurring in time.

How Can We Understand the Undescended Testis

Military Service Situation with Single Testis and Why Does It Happen?

The rate of incidence of preterm birth is 30% and the rate of 5% in normal births. The question on minds is that whether a man with single testis is accepted for military service. The problem of undescended testis, which is a big problem for men, is caused of hormone deficiency. Sometimes, in this case formed as a complex, most people are hesitant about whether a single testis man will perform military service. For this, a report needs to be taken and it varies according to the patient’s condition. The testis does not develop when an abnormality occurs in the vessels of the blood supplying the testis, which will impair blood flow, and the disease progresses, leading to an investigation of the question of what is the testicular tumor over time. As this situation will be different for every baby and every man, help should be obtained from a specialist urologist.

What is a Common Testicular Tumor in Men?

Early diagnosis in children with undescended testes is important in terms of effective treatment. What is the testicular tumor that causes these therapies, and the research in which cases it occurs is important for the prevention of problems that will occur in the future? The untreated undescended testicle problem causes infertility in the future, and therefore the treatment of testicular tumor is important for future life. All of the changes in testis structure cause decrease in sperm count in males. This leads to infertility.

How is Testis Tumor Recognized and Testicular Tumor Treatment?

When the babies are cleaned by their mother, both of the testicles of the baby must be in the same bag. If the testicles of the baby are not seen in the bag, the patient should go to the doctor and obtain information for the treatment of testicular tumors. Undescended testes can be treated even in small infants. For this, the baby must have completed 6 months. The treatment should not be left after 1 year of age at the latest. The reason for this rush is that all of the permanent structural defects in the undescended testes are detected after 1 year of age. After this age, the testis stops in an abnormal place and begins to lose its reproductive function. For more information, please contact us at